MMA Street Fighting System

Individually Tailored Self Defense Classes

Custom Tailored for each Group

 Self Defense is NOT one size fits all our programs and courses are a little different for each group i.e. moms, college students, men, children. Most self defense classes are based on Traditional Martial Arts and DO NOT address the TRUTH about what really works in the street under STRESS.

 Our programs teach you how to Shut Down an Assailant Quickly regardless of Size.

Our Programs will teach you basic, simple, easy to learn techniques that you can use under the most stressful situations with confidence.

Self Defense Classes

In today's World Self Defense is not just taking a Karate class or an MMA class. Self Defense in Reality Based situations is a Science that we have carefully studied and adapted so that it works in Real Street Self Defense Situations using our "Unique and Practical Teaching and Training Methodology"​

Womens Self Defense

Ground Combatives

Tactical Weapons

Instructor Training



The Best Self Defense, Jujitsu, Martial Arts Studio in Wellington,FL.

  • Easy to Learn Brutally Effective Moves   
  • Fight Tricks and Techniques that work in a Real Street Fights
  • Target Awareness
  • Devastating Fight Enders
  • Instant Feeling of Self Confidence
  • Learn to Fight and WIN
  • No Years of Training Complex Moves that DON’T Work
  • No Nonsense Fight Moves
  • So Simple anyone can make them work Regardless of size or strength  
  • Easy to Learn no special knowledge needed
  • Devastatingly Effective proven to work in Real Street Situations
  • Gain an Instant Advantage
  • Inflict Unbearable Pain
  • Put away an Attacker in Seconds