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​ MMA not modified as seen and made popular by the UFC is not at all what is needed for Self Defense on the Street. In a Real Street Fight your Assailant or Attacker may have weapons or be accompanied by his Friends and that Changes the Game completely. The entire GAME or Street Fight is Based on the Attacks that may occur need to be trained because you will fight the way you train, by the time an MMA trained fighter figures out that there are no Rules, Referee or controlled atmosphere it is Probably TOO LATE!!!
The BIGGEST and NICEST thing about the Ring is you or your Corner man or the Referee can STOP the Fight, NOT the case on the Street.
                                         DO NOT CONFUSE A SPORT IN A RING FOR A FIGHT ON THE STREET!!!
 Using the Proper Strategies which are to Train to Defend Against Weapons, Against Multiple Attackers, Against Dirty tactics and to Train Dirty Brutal Techniques is the ONLY way to Survive on the Street!!!

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Street Fight Readiness Quiz:

1: Who has the best chance to win a Real street fight?

a. Someone who has earned his black belt.
b. An "Average Joe" off the street.
c. Both A and B are about the same.
d. Women and Kids.

2: How long is the average street fight?

a. About 10 minutes.
b. 5 minutes.
c. Less than 2 minutes.
d. No more than 5 to 10 seconds.

3: Most fights end up on the ground.

a. True
b. False
c. Im not Sure.

4: What is the most important thing to look for on  a street confrontation?

a. Concentrate on the Attackers hips to tell you which direction his body will move.
b. His eyes, Show the Attacker you are not intimidated.
c. Keep focused on his hands, he will most likely punch you.
d. Look for open available targets.

5: How many fight techniques should you know?

a. You should know only 2 or 3 moves to avoid confusion.
b. The more moves you understand the better.
c. A front kick is an instant knockout. It's the only move you need.
d. A handful of boxing skills since a good boxer wins almost every time.

6: What is the most important factor in winning a street fight?

a. Size, The bigger, stronger guy will usually wins.
b. Skill level, A skilled black belt can defeat just about anyone.
c. First strike, Whoever hits first will most likely win.
d. Attitude, "Crazy" always beats "Karate".

7: Street fights are usually won in which "fighting range"?

a. Kicking Range.
b. Punching Range.
c. Elbow/Knee Range.
d. On the ground.

8: Which of the following are considered fighting "DIRTY", and should never be used on the street?

a. Biting
b. Gouging the Eyes
c. Hair Pulling
d. Its okay to use these, but only if you are outnumbered.
e. There is no such thing as a dishonorable move in a street fight.

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